Our highly motivated and dedicated team is ready to assist in getting your coin to new heights of success. With multiple areas of expertise, our team has you covered.

Responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing of Blockchain Management Services long and short term plans. Liaison and Management of team

Jeffrey Lawson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations and reporting them to the chief executive officer. Ensures all social media platforms are covered and properly running at peak efficiency. Also assists with block reward structuring for new/remodeling coins.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Primary responsibility for managing the company's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting for Blockchain Management Services. Responsible to the CEO and COO


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Blockchain Management Services' (BMS) marketing and advertising. Distributes messages across social media channels in order to get information out about the coins we work with to targeted audiences.


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Computer hardware engineer, IT support, Discord Moderator


Specialist in Information & Technology / Moderator
Discord and Bitcointalk thread Moderator


Specialist Arabic and Urdu translator / Moderator
Specialist on investment management Discord and Facebook Moderator French, Spanish, and Portuguese translator


Specialist French, Spanish, and Portuguese translator / Moderator
Systems Specialist, Team Leader, Setting up MasterNodes, Compiling wallets. Technology experience in server infrastructure.


Chief Systems Engineer (CSE)
Software Engineer Experienced developing blockchain technologies since 2014


Chief Programmer / Software Engineer
Discord and Kakao Talk Moderator, Korean Community Manager Provider of Shared Masternode service Korean translator


Specialist Korean translator / Moderator


Masternode Support / Discord and Reddit Moderator
Discord Moderator, Mobile App Developer


Trainee Developer / Moderator
Discord, Bitcointalk, and Facebook Moderator


Discord, Bitcointalk, and Facebook Moderator
Chinese community support Discord and Telegram Moderator Chinese Translator


Specialist Chinese Translator / Moderator
Discord, Twitter, and Telegram Moderator


Discord, Twitter, and Telegram Moderator
Assisting in web design development Discord, Twitter, and Telegram Moderator Danish Translator


Information Specialist
Project Manager, branding, and customer communications Develops project goals with team and ensures those goals and schedules are met in a timely manner. Communicates between BMS and clients.


MAC support specialist / Moderator
Discord and Telegram moderator Runs all Russian communities as Admin Russian translator


Specialist Russian translator / Moderator
Moderator social group on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram Moderator Russian translator


Specialist Russian translator / Moderator